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Theme Park Science Books

The Fantastical Engineer

Amusement Park Science

by Daniel A. Greenberg
Amusement Park Physics: A Teacher's Guide

by Nathan A. Unterman

Roller Coaster Science: 50 Wet, Wacky,...

by Jim Wiese

Ferris Wheels: An Illustrated History

by Norman D. Anderson

Development and Management of Visitor Attractions

by John Swarbrooke
cover TE 411:International Reference Guide for Themed Entertainment

by Anne Boyd
Control Systems for Live Entertainment
Fouth Edition

By John Huntington
Carnival Secrets

by Matthew Gryczan

The Secrets of Amusement Park Games Revealed

by Brian Richardson

Carnival Games - How They Work and How to Win

by Danny Gowler
Carnival Undercover

by Bret Witter, Lorelei Sharkey