Quassy Park Opens New "Wooden Warrior" Coaster
First New Wooden Coaster in Area Since 1930's

Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT, finished construction on a new jr. wooden coaster named "Wooden Warrior".  The name of the coaster was chosen by a contest in which students in the area were asked to submit names.

The coaster is the first wooden coaster to be in the area since the closure of Lakewood Park in 1935, when the wooden coaster, then named "Roller Coaster", was dismantled and moved to Canobie Lake Park in NH where is operates today as the "Yankee Cannonball".

Wooden Warrior lift hill

The coaster's lift hill is 35 feet tall and the first drop is 40 feet because the lift hill itself climbs up an incline.  The coaster is the first installation of a Gravity Group, LLC design to be built in New England and is the company's first jr. wooden coaster.

The coaster also uses the new Timberliner trains designed by Gravitykraft Corp, which is The Gravity Group's train making branch.  The train is able to make tight turns as it does not conform to the standard box car style trains found on most wooden coasters.

Timberliner Train

Prior to the park opening for the day, and before the ride was powered up, Eric Anderson, the rides mechanic, allowed me to view the train close up as he explained to me how it worked.

Eric explains how the train works

The Timberliner has a newly designed restraint system that makes loading and unloading extreamly efficient and guests found them really confortable during the ride.  The guest just sits in the seat, and pulls the arms toward them.  When the ride comes to a stop, they pop back open.

Timberliner restraints

For a small coaster, it provides plenty of air time (that out of your seat feeling) and a great surprise drop into the tunnel at the rides half way  point.

the tunnel turn around

This very smooth and impressive jr. wooden coaster is a great coaster for introducing kids to coaster riding, without being over the top, but yet very enjoyable for casual riders and coaster fans alike. 

Wooden Warrior track segement

A section of the track is bridged over the train tracks.

Wooden Warrior

Quassy was very proud to show off their new coaster, which has been in the works since 2009, and they have every right to be.  This is a don't miss if you are in New England.