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Amusement Park Books

Savin Rock Amusement Park
(Postcard History) (Paperback)

by Edith Reynolds

Indian Trail and Edgemont Amusement Parks (Images of America: Pennsylvania)

by Sean Billings, Johanna S. Billings

Maryland's Amusement Parks

by Jason Rhodes

Lake Quinsigamond and White City Amusement Park

by Michael Perna Jr.

Palisades Amusement Park

by Vince Garqiulo

Amusement Parks of New York

by Jim Futrell

Experience the Point: Unofficial Guidebook to Cedar Point

by Andrew Hyde

Boulder Amusement Park: The Biography of a Carrousel

by Cyndy Hennig Hanks

The American Amusement Park

by  Wendy Yegoiants & Dale Osborn Samuelson

Cleveland Amusement Park Memories: A Nostalgic Look Back at Euclid Beach Park, Puritas Springs Park, Geauga Lake Park and Other Classic Parks

By David Francis

The American Amusement Park

by Dale Samuelson

Amusement Parks of Pennsylvania

by Jim Futrell

Amusement Parks of New Jersey

by Jim Futrell

Riverview Amusement Park (Images of America)

by Dolores Haugh

Greetings from Bertrand Island Amusement Park (Images of America)

by Martin Kane, Laura Kane

Amusing The Million: Coney Island At The Turn Of The Century

by John F. Kasson

Coney Island

by Harvey Stein

Hidden Disneyland and Beyond: Including Disney's California Adventure, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags California, Knott's Berry Farm, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo and (Hidden Disneyland and Beyond, 2nd Ed)

by Lisa Oppenheimer

Rhode Island Amusement Parks

by Rob Lewis, Ryan Young

Palisades Amusement Park: A Century of Fond Memories

by Vince Gargiulo, Edward Malillo, Richard H. Haufe

Orlando's Other Theme Parks : What to Do When You've Done Disney

by Kelly Monaghan

Dorney Park

by Wally Ely


The American Amusement Park Industry: A History of Technology and Thrills

by Judith A. Adams, Edwin J. Perkins


Spectacular Nature: Corporate Culture and the Sea World Experience

by Susan G. Davis


Kennywood...: Roller Coaster Capital of the World

by Charles J., Jr. Jacques

More Kennywood Memories

by Charles J., Jr. Jacques


Goodbye, West View Park, Goodbye

by Charles J., Jr. Jacques


Cincinnati's Coney Island: America's Finest Amusement Park

by Charles J., Jr. Jacques, Karen Morrison


Greetings from Bertrand Island Amusement Park (Images of America)

by Martin Kane, Laura J. Kane

Lincoln Park Remembered:

Edited by Joseph D. Thomas
Marsha McCabe & Tracy A. Furtado

Idora Park: The Last Ride of Summer

by Rick Shale


The Golden Age of Roller Coasters (Postcard History Series)
by David W. Francis

Rochester, NY: Amusement Parks & Lakeside Resorts
by Donavan A. Shilling

Knott's Preserved: From Boysenberry to Theme Park, the History of Knott's Berry Farm

by Christopher Merritt