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Theme Park Engineering On-Line Course   This is an on-line class offered by an actual theme park engineer.  It seems to be a college level class, has twelve lessons ranging from the jobs in a park, to actually designing an attraction.  Very reasonable cost.
Roller Coaster Round Up   This lesson plan has students chart roller coaster stats for comparison purposes.  Grades 3-5
Nova: Roller Coaster   This site has lesson plans and the Nova Roller Coaster Video.  Grades 5-8
Ultimate Roller Coaster Contest Lesson Plans   Students must create a roller coaster track using cardboard and test it with a tennis ball in this lesson plan.  Grades 6-8
MusicLand Theme Park Lesson Plans   This lesson plan has students create a theme park that contains different lands pertaining to musical genres.
Building a Roller Coaster   This lesson plan is for high school students.  It has them build their own marble coaster and study the forces the marble goes through.
Coney Island: The Great Escape   This is a great lesson plan for high school students.  It involves the study of New York during the early nineteen hundreds and involves the many stages Coney Island went through during it's history.
Amusement Park Physics: A Teacher's Guide   This is a book with amusement park related physics lessons.  Sample data is included if a trip to a park is not possible.  It seems this is geared toward high school students.
National Geographic - Wonderworld Theme Park   Students in grades 3-5 are challenged to create a theme park called Wonderworld, based on important locations throughout the world.
Hershey Park Activity Guide   This guide is posted on the Hershey Park web site.  It contains lessons in science, writing, history, nature, and more.  Many lessons relate to the park itself, but there are also a lot of good class room activities. Activities vary for different grade levels.
Interact Simulations - Roller Coaster   This is a great lesson plan for grades 4-8.  It has the students explore five roller coaster's that just don't seem to work in an imaginary park. Through science experiments, students need to demonstrate what went wrong  so the park can open them again.
Coaster Dynamics

This is actually software, but it is more of a class room activity.

  This is a great physics lesson software package.  It is for upper grades.  Students can even analyze the forces along roller coaster tracks.
Apple Learning Interchange - Theme Park Activity   This is a lesson plan for Social Studies students in grades 3-7.  The lesson plan has students create a theme park using a regional history or geography theme.
K'NEX Education - Ferris Wheel Activities   This is a very well done lesson plan on Ferris Wheels.  It utilizes the K'NEX Ferris Wheel kit, but some of it can be done without the kit.  You will need to register which is free to do.
K'NEX Education - Roller Coaster Activities   This set of roller coaster activities are geared toward high school students and cover stuff like friction and work.  New and updated plans and kits offered!