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Welcome to the Theme Park Page. Another year has come and gone and there is always so much to do, but again we find ourselves back at the beginning of "roller coaster season".  I spend a lot of time traveling to parks, which hasn't left me much time to work on this site.   I am always trying to sweep though all the links and find the broken ones as they change or disappear and then I have to find replacements but never seem to be able to keep up.  Explore around the site and enjoy!

Special Presentation
American Builder at Six Flags New England

American Builder visits Six Flags New England for an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it takes to keep the rides in tip top shape.  A special thanks to the American Builder team and CN8 for allowing us to include a copy of the video for your enjoyment and education.

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Quassy Park Opens New "Wooden Warrior" Coaster
First New Wooden Coaster in Area Since 1930's
Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT, finished construction on a new jr. wooden coaster named "Wooden Warrior".  The name of the coaster was choosen by a contest in which students in the area were asked to submit names.

The coaster is the first wooden coaster to be in the area since the closure of Lakewood Park in 1935, when the wooden coaster, then named "Roller Coaster", was dismantled and moved to Canobie Lake Park in NH where is operates today as the "Yankee Cannonball".  ...more